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no Matic (digital)

$ 4.00 USD
A 15-track album of music and a 28-page digital comic. (Print comics will be available again soon.)
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The Amazing Vanishing Man worked hard to achieve international recognition for his daring escape act, but by 1926, vaudeville has declined while the Vanishing Man remains stuck in a contract with a traveling troupe, performing for a crowd obsessed with old, nostalgic acts rather than new ideas.

Little do they know, he has a trick up his sleeve. For years he has practiced out of body meditation, and after tonight's final stage performance he aims to break free from his physical body once and for all!

Purchase includes

  • 15 tracks of music (.wav and .mp3)
  • 28-page comic (.pdf)
  • Lyrics (.pdf)
  • Album art (pdf)


Written by Daniel Johnson

Produced by Ogi Feel the Beat

Illustrated by Rosie Lockie

Additional vocals by Jeff Alvarez and Jonathan Pease

Mixed by Daniel Johnson and João Faria

Cover design by Daniel Johnson

Tracks 1-6 originally released as Part 1: Finale on October 31, 2015.
Tracks 7-15 originally released as Part 2: Projection on January 6, 2016.

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